The Art Of Picking Up Girls

Millions of words have been written over the years on the art of picking up women, seducing women, running game, etc. Every book purports to have a magical system that helps you nab the girl of your dreams or just the girl of your fantasies for that night. All those books and blogposts are helpful and might actually get you what you want but what they teach all comes down to one thing: confidence. It sounds so simple but if you really look at what you’re being taught it’s all about the confidence. Some guys need a system so they will appear confident. Some guys need a pep talk so they can feel confident. Some guys need specific lines to run so they don’t have to think and thus lose their confidence. That’s what it all comes down to though.

The art of picking up women is all about utilizing your confidence. When a guy uses the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard and the girl actually responds it means that he delivered it with confidence (sometimes it means that he’s incredibly good looking and he could have spilled gibberish from his mouth and picked her up but those guys are confident too so the lesson holds). Pickup lines are incredibly stupid but they serve a purpose: to break the ice. All you’re doing is finding a good way to introduce yourself to a girl. That’s why you can usually just introduce yourself and offer to buy her a drink. A simple compliment is a good way to follow that up and segueing into conversation of almost any kind is recommended thereafter. Follow that formula for picking up women and you’ll be amazed at how often it works and at the very least gets you a nice talk with a lovely girl. If you don’t have much experience at this sort of thing you’ll need to practice but you’ll get where you need to be eventually so have faith.

Let’s get a little more specific now. It’s always been a good idea to make the first move but that’s true now more than ever. If you’re interested in a girl then go ahead and talk to her. Introduce yourself, buy her a drink, and start a conversation that gets you on the road to knowing her. If you want her number than ask for it. Don’t be afraid that you’re going to be rejected or that she’s going to feel like you’re somehow being sexist. You’re not; you’re being a man interested in a woman and that’s all there is to it.

You need to avoid being immature at all costs. There is truly no bigger turn off than an immature man. Some guys have an immature sense of humor; if you’re one of those guys you’ll need to table that. Making a girl laugh is great but if your only material is dick and fart jokes you need to put them away and come up with something else. I’m telling you, immaturity is like female repellent and will get you walked away from faster than you can believe. This is #1 to remember when picking up on girls.

Before you introduce yourself to a girl and try to start a conversation you’d be wise to know something about her. Watching her for a few minutes (not in a weird and leering way, of course) would be smart so you can pick up on her behavior and have something to mention when you approach would be smart. Picking up girls is an art take your time and do not rush. This sort of thing will take a little practice but it’s well worth it. Breaking the ice is the hardest part of this whole thing, along with getting comfortable with rejection, which will happen plenty when you put yourself out there.


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Meeting Woman In Cold Winter Months

If you’re in a winter weather area of the world you’ve probably noticed that it gets a little more difficult to meet women in the winter months. The cold tends to keep people inside and everyone wears more clothing, which can actually lower libido and thus lower the desire to meet potential mates. That doesn’t mean people disappear though so if you’re in the right places you can meet plenty of women during the cold winter. Here are a few places to do so.

If you’re into any sort of winter sporting activities it’s a perfect place to meet lovely ladies in the winter . Common interests is the easiest way to relate to someone instantly. You have built in conversation and dates ready to go and the girl has a sense that you know her even if it’s not the slightest bit true. If you’re a skier you’ll meet plenty of ladies on the slopes and if you’re just a little charming you’ll soon have plenty of numbers to keep you busy when you’re not skiing. Less rigorous activities like snowball fights, the making of snowmen, or simply messing around in the snow at the park are a great way to meet women in the winter.

The gym is always a good place to meet women but that’s even truer during the winter. Fit girls are the best kind when it comes to sex and during the winter the gym tends to get a little more crowded as it’s difficult to get exercise outdoors. The gym is a great place because she knows without having to ask that you care about looking good and being healthy. You’re there and dedicated to taking care of your body and she can see it unfold right in front of her eyes, all of which is a good thing when it comes to making a connection with a girl you like.

During the cold months of the year coffee shops tend to swell with people looking to get warm through the consumption of hot beverages. Plus, coffee shops often cater to a specific type of person so you can pick one based on the type of girl you want to date. Some will be stuffed with business babes and others with hipster chicks and others with sporty types. If you’re in a big enough city you can get mighty specific with your desires and float from coffee shop to coffee shop looking for the girl of your dreams and enjoying fine beverages throughout your journey. When you find the right girl you can ask her out or just buy her a coffee and have your first date right there.

Planned social gatherings are far more popular in the cold months. When it’s warm you can just go to a restaurant with nice outdoor seating and have a luxurious evening drinking wine and enjoying good food but when it gets cold you need to plan a little more. You can plan those parties and have people you know bring someone new to help you find dates. Organizations around your town and city will likely throw winter events you can attend in hopes of finding a sexy single in the mood for a new man to have fun with.

While the winter months can bring down the libido and slow down the procession of beauties rolling through your life you can certainly find plenty of women to have fun with when it gets cold. It might take a little more effort but if you’re willing to put in the work you might meet even more women than in the summer. Now is the time to do that work!


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