Why Woman Are Louder During Sex

Ways To Spice Up Your Sex LifeDid you know that women almost always make more noise than men during sex? Doesn’t that sound like a crazy sort of assumption that some stupid guy would make based on one or two experiences with vociferous women? Well, as it turns out, this is totally true and it’s true across all cultures and among some primates in the animal kingdom. Now you know that when you hook up with a girl and she’s making all sorts of noises during sex that she is just like every other woman on the planet. You have to wonder why that happens though. Hopefully I can explain it.

The answer isn’t readily available, as it turns out. Research has been conducted on the subject, but not nearly enough to come up with a solid answer where human females are concerned. If you look at primates, the closest animal relatives to human beings, you can find answers that might give a clue to what’s going on with human females. As it turns out, it’s a form of communication, not surprisingly.

One of the most basic drives in any animal (humans included) is to reproduce. Propagating the species is the reason we’re all here on the planet. Loud noises by females during sex are thought to be part of that, although it makes more sense in the animal world. Essentially, if the female makes more noise she will attract more sexual partners to deposit more semen in here, thereby increasing her chances of getting pregnant, which would fulfill her purpose in the world. If you apply that to human females it doesn’t really make sense, even if you were to go way back in time. However, it could be one of those traits that’s left over from long ago and has yet to be washed away by evolution.

There is some evidence to suggest that the noise a female makes is related to the status of the man she’s having sex with. If he’s of higher status (measured in a variety of ways in different cultures) her noises are likely to be louder. In the world of primates that makes sense as a way to establish hierarchy in the pack/tribe/group. In certain groups of humans that same reason makes sense (think of a tribe in the Amazon where they live in close quarters with little privacy so everyone knows what everyone else is doing).

In more advanced countries it makes sense that a woman would make more noise when having sex with a man of higher status (again, as determined by a variety of cultural factors) to encourage him to want to have sex with her again. Much of this operates on a subconscious level that we don’t really have control of, but in some ways it’s nice to know and as sex advice it can be interesting to have in your head as you’re having sex. For instance, if a woman seems louder than moral when you hook up perhaps it’s because she thinks of you as a high status male. Wouldn’t that feel good?

Ultimately it won’t make much difference in your quest to find sex, although if you’re using the internet to find strictly casual sex you could infer from this information that women want to be with men of high status and you can mess with your profile a little to make it seem like you’re higher status than you might actually be. If it’s just a hook up she doesn’t have to find out that you like a little to make yourself more attractive and make it easier to find sex. Go ahead and give it a try and see how it works out.

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