My Wife Had an Affair with Another Woman…and I Am OK with it

My-Wife-Had-an-Affair-with-Another-WomanIt’s the basis of so many pornos for a reason; most men fantasize about the idea of having sex with two women at the same time. Even if the scenes are two women having sex with each other without a man in sight, the male imaginations doesn’t have to work terribly hard to envision itself in the middle of the action. Plus, watching women make out or have sex with each other is a huge turn-on because it can be so visually stimulating and, well… hot! You get two sets of curves, two nice asses, four breasts, and two vaginas, and dear god, who wouldn’t want to watch that sort of action? These fantasies lead to many men being able to cope with their wives having affairs with other women, whereas an affair with another man would probably be the end of the marriage.


Bisexual Is OK… Lesbo Is NOT!

As long as your wife isn’t a lesbian who has no interest in sex with men, but has bisexual proclivities and still enjoys having sex with you, what’s the harm? According to many men, there isn’t any. A study conducted by the University of Texas revealed that a full half of the men surveyed said they wouldn’t have a problem with their wives having an affair with another woman, and would not seek a divorce, where as if they had sex with another guy only 78% would bail on the marriage. In large part, this may be because the husbands are hoping that at some point they will be invited to join in and fulfill the threesome fantasies they have been jerking off to since puberty. It may also be because they simply don’t feel threatened by it, and don’t feel like their wife is as likely to run off with the chick as she would be with another man. Plus, there is no risk that she’ll get pregnant from her extra marital activities.


Your Wife’s Girl On Girl Affair Should be Welcomed

If your wife wants to experiment with having sex with another woman, should should not have to find an affair to do it. It can be an alright thing to consider. It sometimes even has the added bonus of making sex between the two of you hotter. The key to making it work is open and honest communication, and setting up clear expectations and guidelines that are agreeable to both of you. If you want to be a part of the action and make it a threesome, you need to let her know that this is what you are hoping for. If you want to be allowed to watch and masturbate while she’s getting it on with her gal pal, see if all three of you think that could be fun. Or, if you are just fine with her having sex with the ladies on the side and don’t necessarily feel like you need to be there, let her know if you’d appreciate hearing recounts or want her to keep the details to herself. Be sure to ask her what her intentions are with the affair, too. Find out if she just wants casual sex or if she wants the relationship to have an emotional component, too. If one or more of the people involved in the situation don’t agree about the boundaries, it could lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and anger all around. Prevention is the best medicine, so be clear from the beginning about what works for you and what would make you heartsick.

While it may seem unconventional to a lot of people, your wife having a lesbian affair does not have to be a negative experience. Hell, you may even love it and that is totally ok. There are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes a good or bad marriage. It all revolves around what works for both of you. If your wife is happy to be having sex with a woman but fully committed to you and you don’t have a problem with it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her having an affair with a woman on the side. Don’t be confined by societal standards of commitment and infidelity if you don’t share those standards. What happens in your marriage, or on the sidelines of it, is no one’s business except the two people who exchanged vows and rings, deciding to build a life together.

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