How Many People Has The Average Woman Been With?

How Many People Has The Average Woman Been WithIt is something that is very touchy to ask about. No one likes to discuss their sexual encounters with their significant other, especially at the beginning of a relationship. If they admit that they have been with too many, they sound like a slut. If they admit to too few, they sound inexperienced. There seems to never be the “perfect” amount to satisfy anyone. The good news is that if you are wondering how many men the girl you are with has been with, there are other ways to find out than to ask. Save yourself, and her, the embarrassment of having to discuss it and just accept the best estimate according to the following rules of thumb.

How do you know who she’s been with?
If the girl you are dating seems to be very knowledgeable about the inner workings and pleasure of a man, she probably has a lot of experience. As a rule of thumb, girls don’t have a penis. That means that for them to know what feels just right, they had to have some help. If she knows exactly where you want to be touched either that means that she has had a long term relationship, or a sex buddy. Girls with a lot of knowledge have been around the block several times. If you like what she does, then who cares how many men she’s been with, right? The expertise has to come at a price.

Is she quick on the draw?
If a girl isn’t into foreplay chances are good that she has been with a lot of men. Men don’t really enjoy foreplay. They will do it once they are in a relationship where they care about their partner. If your sexual partner seems to want to get right down to it, that indicates that this is all she knows. Girls, who are quick are the draw, are more likely to have more sexual partners. If she likes to enjoy the moment and bask in the glory of the “o”, she probably has been with one partner for a significant amount of time. By the law of averages, that means that she most likely has had her time occupied by just one man, not several.



Is protection her number one goal?
Not that it isn’t the smartest and safest thing on this earth, but girls who are prone to think about protection first thing are probably less advanced than those who are more likely to throw caution to the wind. Think about it this way, the more times you do it, the less you think about it. Girls who have been with several men are less likely to think that sex is a big deal, or that protection is the first thing to be considered. Again, just rule of thumb, experience breeds comfortability.

Does she bring along her own protection?
Again, it is smart to plan ahead, but if it is your first date and she brought her own protection, it may mean that she is more experienced than the rest. Most girls who aren’t used to giving it up on the first date don’t bring protection because that is not what they are anticipating. If a girl brings a condom that means that she was thinking that this was where the first date was heading. I don’t mean to sink your ship, but even if you are the hottest guy on earth, if she brings a condom it isn’t the first time. Be thankful that she did, but you need not wonder if she has been with many. You aren’t the first to be the first date shag.


Ready for the averages?
The average woman will have 10-15 sexual partners throughout her lifetime. If you really need to know how many she’s been with then you just have to ask her. The bad news is that she will most likely lie. Women don’t consider sleeping with guys “conquests” in the same way that men do. They aren’t proud of their many partners. If she wants you to respect her she will probably down play the number. Giving the sexual partner discount is not uncommon.

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