The Truth About Tight And Loose Women

The-Truth-About-Tight-And-Loose-WomenThere are many myths about sex that persist throughout the centuries that may or may not have scientific backing. The general notion that people have about the tightness, or looseness of a woman’s vagina is dependent upon things like the amount of sex that she has, and whether she has had a baby or not. The thought is that the more sex a woman has the more her vagina is “stretched out”. Likewise, if she has gone through childbirth her vagina has been irreparably loosened, and will never repair back to the original size.

The truth about the tightness or looseness of a woman’s vagina is not as clear cut as it may seem. There are some factors that make a difference in how tight the vagina is, but they may not be what you would expect. Many men find the prospects of being with a virgin exciting because they believe that a virgin’s vagina is tighter than a woman who has had intercourse before. Although they may be right that a virgin’s vagina would be less giving, but not for the reasons that they think. The vagina is like a muscle in the body, when it is warmed up, it is more pliable. The reason why a virgin may have more tightness around the vagina is because they are anxious or nervous. It is in the nervousness, that the vagina contracts making it more “tight”. It isn’t that once you have sex the vagina stretches, it is more in the lack of experience, the trepidation of sexual intercourse and the lack of being excited herself, that the vagina remains tight. Another reason why a vagina may be more tight than others is if a woman is not sufficiently aroused.

When a woman is aroused the vagina relaxes and stretches. The lubrication allows the penis to enter much more fluidly which also has more of a relaxed feel to it. It may be mistaken for a “loose” vagina when in fact it is more of an aroused vagina. On the average, a woman needs as many as thirty minutes of foreplay before her vagina will begin to loosen. If a man wants to have a more tight feeling, having intercourse prior to a woman being fully aroused will give him the feeling he is looking for. Unfortunately, it may be painful to the woman, and something that is not as comfortable.



For evolutionary reasons the vagina is not supposed to be tight during intercourse. Since intercourse is supposed to supply the best chances for pregnancy, the vagina being more pliable allows the sperm to be penetrated more deeply, which is why the vagina becomes more loose during arousal. It typically has nothing to do with the amount of sex that a woman has overall, or childbirth. There are times when certain characteristics of a woman will determine the tightness or looseness of her vagina. Age is a better predictor of the tightness of the vagina. For women who have children, the younger then are the more likely that any damage to the tightness of the vagina will not be sustained. In fact, before the age of 30 the vagina will almost always return to original size as quickly as six weeks post delivery. For women who are having children in their later years, the likelihood that it will affect the looseness of their vagina walls is there. The major factor than is not how often, how many times, or childbirth as much as the age of a woman which has the most effect on the looseness of her vaginal muscles.

There aren’t many guys who aren’t turned on by the prospects of being with a virgin, but they need to reexamine the reasons for that turn on. If they think that the experience will be greater because of the tightness of the vagina, it is more related to the girl they are being with not being excited, or ready for the act which should not be that great of a turn on for any older man. The good news is that if you are a woman who is looking to tighten up the vaginal wall muscles it can be done just as any muscle in the body can be strengthened. Kegel exercises, or the tightening and releasing of the vaginal wall, can strengthen the vaginal wall and give you the tightness that you may have lost over the years through the natural aging process.


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