What Men Are Thinking During Sex

What-Men-Are-Thinking-During-SexIf your woman is on a crash diet because she know that you are quickly approaching the “have sex” date, reassure her that she need not worry all that much. Women worry so much about the way that they look during sex. They worry that if they are in a certain position their belly fat is going to hang over the penis. They think about how big their butt is going to look from behind. They even worry about the way that their cellulite is going to spread when they go spread eagle. The whole time they are having sex, especially with someone new, they are worried about what the guy is thinking about, well them. What women don’t understand is that the last thing you are thinking about is how fat she is. There is not a guy in the world who is pumping away that is thinking “man she needs to lose five pounds off her thighs”. During sex men don’t think about anything but shallow things.


What men are thinking about usually comes down to only a couple of things:

1) God this feels good
The only thing that a guy is normally thinking is how good having sex feels. They are simple creatures. They probably aren’t even looking at you, they are too focused on their own orgasm. If they are looking at your body they are thinking “tits”, “ass”, “naughty”. They aren’t pointing out your problem areas, they are just happy that anything feels as good as what they are feeling

2) What is next?
A guy usually has a favorite thing that gets him to climax. When having sex he may be thinking “what is the next excursion we are going to go on”. If he is someone who is able to last a while, he may be thinking what his next move is going to be. He may be plotting to turn her over, or to do things to her, but that is about the most in-depth a guy’s brain goes while he is having sex.



3) Unpleasant things
If he seems like he is a million miles away he may have a problem with premature you know what. If a guy is prone to cum too quickly, he may be thinking about something distracting while having sex. If he focuses too much on the act itself, he knows he is going to lose it. So, he may be thinking about his mom, or something that will kill his need to ejaculate until you are satisfied. He may be thinking about bills, his boss, whatever it is that will delay the sensation.

4) She is soooo hot
He isn’t thinking about how fat his partner is. If he is thinking anything, he is thinking that the woman he is with is hot. The way that she moves, the way that she looks at him, the way that she gyrates and the things that she says to him, are all ways that she gets him hot and bothered. Chances are that he is wondering how he got there with her naked, and how hot she is. If he wants to have sex with her again, he may be thinking about how to please her. He may be wondering if she is satisfied, or if she is enjoying yourself. This type of thinking is not the norm. Most guys who are having sex are focused and thinking about nothing more than getting off.

5) Give me more
He may be thinking that he wants more. He is almost assuredly thinking he wants more. A guy never wants the amazing feeling of sex to end. He may be thinking he wants her to move this way more, or that way more. He may be thinking he wants to have sex with her more. If she is wearing a shirt, he may be thinking that he could see her tits. If she is covering up in general, he is probably thinking he wishes he could see more of her. Guys love naked girl’s body. There is a big difference between the beauty of a woman’s body and a man’s. It is very rare that a man will have sex with someone that he finds repulsive. On the whole, if she has tits and an ass, he is thinking she is amazing.

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How To Make Your Semen Taste Great

How-To-Make-Your-Semen-Taste-GreatGuys wonder if girls who swallow do so because they love them or because it really isn’t that awful. The answer to that question is probably a little bit of both. Yes, if she is swallowing she probably really does love you and no, semen in general doesn’t taste all that amazing. There is a reason why most girls appreciate the customary tap of the head before a man ejaculates, swallowing semen is not the best thing going. If you want to do something just for her, there are things that you can do to make the taste of your semen better than average. You can’t make it taste like ice cream, but you are able to take away some of the pungent bitterness of it. Try these tips to make your man juice, well, taste more like juice.

Whatever you take in must come out
The truth is that whatever you eat eventually has to make its way out. It comes out in perspiration, urine, stool, and yes, semen. If you want your semen to taste better then load up with the fresh fruits. Especially pineapples. They pack enough high fructose ingredients to sweeten the taste of your semen. It may not make it taste like a kiddy cocktail, but it will taste a whole lot better than if you don’t.

Avoid high fatty meats and processed foods
When you eat high fat foods, processed, or animal products, it changes the chemistry of your body. To break down what you eat your body will produce certain enzymes. These enzymes can change the way that you smell, the smell of your urine, and even the taste of your semen. We know that you are a meat and potatoes type of guy, but if you want her to swallow you up, make a commitment to take a day or two off of the bad stuff. It is good for you anyway. That is the least you can do for her.

Stay well hydrated
Have you ever seen your urine after you haven’t drunken water in a while? It is yellow and thick. The same happens to all of your body fluids, including your semen. If you stay well hydrated, you are able to decrease the concentration of your semen. In a sense you can “water it down”. When you drink lots of fluids, you can change the taste and consistency of your semen to make it more amenable to your partner.



Avoid alcohol
Yep, that one is a bummer. If you want your semen to taste fresh and inviting, stay away from your friend Jack. There is nothing that can make semen more pungent than alcohol. It not only makes it more acidic than normal, it also dehydrates you making it more highly concentrated and it makes the consistency thicker. Not only will staying away from alcohol make your semen taste better, you are able to enjoy the blow job a lot more when you have all your wits about you. If you avoid drinking the day before, even better. It will stop you from being dehydrated and save your body fluids from tasting more “toxic”.

Try mixing it with other “stuff”
If you like to experiment in the bedroom, try mixing your semen with other things like whipped cream or ice cream. Right before you are about to let go, let your partner know. She can spray a little of the cold delicious cream on your penis and suck it off. It will be a treat for her, a treat for you, and the cold sensation will heighten your sensory feeling of ejaculation. Just make sure to let her know in advance, but not too far in advance. Once the whipped cream has been sucked away, there is nothing but bitterness left. Sometimes that can make the taste in contrast that much more.

If you watch what you eat, you can tell your girlfriend that things have changed with your semen. If you at least give her reason, she may give it a try. Even if it doesn’t taste good enough for her to do it again, at least you got one good swallow job out of it right?


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