How To Have Safe Sex

How-To-Have-Safe-SexMany guys think that they know how to protect themselves when they are engaging in sexual activity, but the truth is that there are all sorts of levels that you need to protect yourself. We all know the main battles, pregnancy and STDs, but there are many other threats that you may not be thinking about. Safe sex is about protecting yourself entirely. Threats such as the clingy psycho, the father, or the ex-boyfriend can sometimes be much more scary than anything that you can pick up in person to person contact.

Of course, the number one thing to do when you engage in sexual activity is to protect yourself with a condom. Even if the girl tells you that she is on the birth control pill, first of all, you have no way to verify that. Second, that won’t protect you from anything she may be able to transmit to you. If you haven’t heard yet, any girl that you sleep with, you aren’t just sleeping with her, but you are sleeping with everyone she has ever slept with. What makes it even scarier! The number of people keeps expanding down the line. It is imperative to always wear a condom. There are some guys that think you can’t get STDs from anything besides sexual intercourse. News flash, any time you touch her goods you are opening yourself up to all sorts of viruses, or infections. Be sure to protect everything from package, to mouth, to lips. Transmission can occur anywhere.

Other Ways To Ensure Safe Sex

Now, on to the other things that you need to protect yourself from. If a girl is ready to hook up make sure that you know what it is that she wants, or more importantly, what she expects. She may say that all she wants is sex, but when you wake up next to her and she has taken over a drawer, you know you made a mistake. Sex with her is anything but safe. The telltale signs of the psycho clinger is hard to spot, but make sure to at a minimum talk with her for a while before you hop into bed. Ask about her hook ups in the past, about her current ones, and about what her expectations are. If they want your phone number before the action has even happened, it is best to take a pass.



Many girls may say that they are of age, but they aren’t. If they say that they are older than they look, they almost always are. This is very important. We all like the fresh and young, but we don’t like time in prison. Even if she is consenting verbally, legally she doesn’t have the right. We all saw poor Rob Lowe get destroyed for liking them young. Don’t take a chance that you will end your career, your life, or your freedom over some hot young thing. Trust, but always verify.


Its Not Only STDs That Can Get You

There is nothing that can get you laid quicker than the rebound or the revenge lay. Often times girls who have been cheated on, maltreated, or find themselves suddenly single, are looking for the guy to get them over the ex-quick. They want to get back at the guy who broke their heart, and it would be very selfish of you not to help out. The problem is that you have to make sure that the guy doesn’t know who you are. It is okay to be used as the rebound or revenge object, but make sure that it can’t get traced back to you. You don’t want some six foot guy to show up at your doorstep all pissed off that you banged his ex. One night of sex isn’t worth a broken nose or a broken anything else. Be discrete and to let her know that you are more than willing to oblige, but you will not get involved past your penis.

Sex is amazing and very enjoyable when you make sure that there aren’t any repercussions for it. There is nothing more exciting than throwing caution to the wind, but when it comes to having sex with a girl, you never want to leave yourself open to the consequences of those things which can come back to haunt, or hunt you, call you “Daddy”, or land you in prison. Safe sex is like a hot girl, you need to consider the entire package. Be safe out there, sex is fun, but it can be a very risky endeavor.


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