Why Hangovers Make You So Horny

Why Hangovers Make You So HornyWhen you are hung over there is nothing that you want to do but sit in bed all day and nurse it, (hangover remedies) well that is, besides have sex. It isn’t just your imagination. No matter how awful you feel the day after you indulge, sex is on your mind. You can’t even look at food, but will go to great lengths to find sex. It isn’t all in your mind, there are physiological changes that take place in your body, specifically to your hormones, that make sexual desire at its highest. Instead of worrying about what to take to get your headache under control, try a little sexual activity to make that hangover a thing of the past.

Alcohol produces a great many changes to your body. It not only changes your thought processes, it changes your body chemistry for days afterward. Even when you don’t feel drunk anymore, there are still changes taking place in your body that produce different emotions and hormonal responses. That may sound like a terrible thing, but it is anything but terrible for your libido. A hangover can make your libido work overtime, but what is the reason?
There are many reasons that scientists think that you feel horny when you are hungover. Below are just some of the hypotheses:
Alcohol may lessen your ability to control your erections
If you find that you wake up aroused and can’t seem to control it, alcohol may be to blame. Just like it lessens your ability to make good rational decisions, it may make it impossible for your brain to control bodily functions. Just like you aren’t good at following directions when you are intoxicated, your penis isn’t so good at following what your brain is telling it to do. If there is still alcohol left in your system it may be wreaking havoc with your penis arousal mechanism.

Alcohol makes you focus on feeling good at any cost
Just like you will do stupid things when you are drunk because you are fixated on doing them, if sex is on your brain and it feels good, you may not have the ability to control the urge. The phenomenon called “alcohol myopia” may be to blame. It is when you are intoxicated and you can only focus on doing one thing no matter what the cost is. If there is still alcohol in your system, alcohol myopia may be to blame for your one track mind.

You have a false assumption that alcohol will get you laid
Often times people make the wrong assumption that alcohol is going to get them laid. Because it lessens inhibitions that people may have, it leads to men sometimes becoming over confident about their ability to get sex. This “Alcohol expectancy theory” basically says that no matter what the reality of a situation is, if you have an expectancy that drinking alcohol is going to get you laid, then you are more likely to be aroused looking for it.

Looking for relief
The body may be looking for a way to relieve its misery. When you wake up feeling awful and hungover, your body knows that an orgasm would feel really good. In an attempt to feel better, your body may be driving your arousal knowing that an orgasmic release would cure your bad feelings if only for a little while. The good news is that it may make you feel better for a little while, but it won’t do much, if anything, to cure your hangover.

It is unclear why you wake up horny when you have a hangover, but the reality is that most men do. Whether it is an over stimuli hormonal reaction, a malfunction of brain control, or just over confidence, lying in bed all day involves more than just watching a poor B-movie. If you want to make yourself feel better, sex can bring you the relief you are looking for if only for a short while, at least it is something. It may also help by getting the blood pumping to your brain to regrow all of those brain cells that you killed the night before!


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