How To Meet & Hook Up With Girls You Meet At The Beach

One of the best reasons to regularly hit up the beach is the preponderance of available and willing women you’ll find there. There’s something about the sun, sand, surf, and skin exposed that makes a certain kind of girl feel loose, free, and horny and you can take advantage of that if you play your cards right. I’ve always thought the exposure of so much skin is a big reason everyone at the beach feels a little more free, open, and horny than usual. Girls in bikinis are basically in their underwear and some even choose to wear thongs. It’s a confidence builder to walk around nearly nude and the guys aren’t exactly dressed up either with their shirts gone and their bodies exposed. You get a pretty good idea of what someone is going to look like naked when you’re at the beach, which takes away a layer of question when it comes to getting laid at the beach.

Merely being at the beach does a lot of the work for you in terms of hooking up but you’ll have to take it the rest of the way. First you need to direct your efforts towards a girl that’s likely to receive them warmly. Make sure she’s not way better looking than you (self defeating guys will always go for the girl that’s way too hot for them and they never succeed) and try a little flirtation. If she responds then you’re probably good to go with a harder push. If you want to hang back a little then keep an eye on her and see how she moves, how she responds to others, etc. If you’re good at picking up on physical cues you’ll be able to tell if she’s in the mood or if she just wants to hang out in the sun. If she’s throwing back a few beers you have a much better chance of making the magic happen.

The opening line is the most difficult part of turning flirtation into a hook up. At the beach you should probably toss aside any night club junk. Pickup lines only really work for exceptionally good looking guys anyway so forget about them. You could try offering her a drink (water, beer, whatever) or simply introducing yourself and asking something innocuous. The point is to make an introduction without looking like an idiot or sounding like a sex-crazed pervert (unless you’re an insanely good looking guy with a perfect body, in which case you can say just about anything and ensure a hookup with just about anyone). Once you’ve made the introduction and she seems friendly to your advances you’re halfway home.

The key to making a hookup work is moving to a second location. If you’re familiar with the beach and you know of something interesting to show the girl then invite her to see it. If she accepts then it’s time to make that hookup happen. Try a little physical contact as you make your way to this spot and if she warms to it then plant a kiss on her when you arrive at your destination. If you happen to live near the beach you can find a good time to invite her back there if you want to make that hook up into a night of amazingly hot sex. If you happen to be on the beach at night for a bonfire or something similar then you’re free to roam away from the light and hook up anywhere you please. In fact, hooking up with a girl you meet at the beach is much, much easier if you’re doing it at night.


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