What To Do If Your Girl Is Terrible In Bed

What-to-do-if-your-girl-is-terrible-in-bedThere is an old joke about how there is no bad sex and technically that’s true but we all know there have been times when it could have been better. It’s a big let-down when you meet an incredibly hot woman, sit and have incredibly witty, sexually charged conversation all night and then take her home to find a limp fish. It’s even worse to be in a relationship with a woman and love everything about her but have a lukewarm sex life. Expert research has shown us that sex plays a big part in a relationship and both partners being happy with the sexual aspect is imperative to success. Men must be with a woman who is enjoying herself and happy to be with him before he can reach orgasm. If your girl is terrible in bed, the key is to decide if you care enough about her to fix the problem.
Let her know you enjoy being with her and admire her shape, size and figure. Tell her she is beautiful. Expound on her lovely lips and luscious hips. Relate those dirty day dreams you have about her and don’t be afraid to tell her how proud you are to have out in public. Don’t leave out her personality perks, either. If you love how smart she is or she has a great sense of humor make sure to tell her. Anything and everything about her you find endearing should cross your lips to her ears at least once. This part is not easy. It takes time for people to truly understand when they are being loved unconditionally. When she sees how much you appreciate her, she will begin to appreciate herself. Once she feels comfortable in her own skin and realizes how attracted you are to her, she will at ease in bed and actually want to get more involved and try new things.



The first step is to begin to gently prod her in bed. Lightly move her toward things she may feel uncomfortable or inadequate doing. You must start out slow here. Even if you have been with this woman for a considerable amount of time, this is an area you must travel with caution. Moving too fast will derail your whole operation but moving to slow will stall out the passion and momentum. Begin with simple things like kissing a bit deeper or in a different manner or place. Touch her in a different tempo and manner than you usually do. Encourage her to do the same. It will be uncomfortable at first and you may have to physically guide her hands but enjoy the newness and excitement of shaking things up. It helps to use verbal cues to let her know how much you like what she’s doing and encourage her to continue. Eventually you will be able to get her to do more daring things and even share with you some of her needs.
Another tactic is to watch dirty movies and porn together. If she seems interested let her know you’re up for anything and would love to try it out with her. Along this same vein, you can discuss sexually explicit literature, current events and news items to open the dialogue between you two. Purchase an adult magazine together and peruse the pages. Talk about what you see and read and pay off what you learn. Inspire her to be fun and frisky. Interact playfully with an open heart. You can also visit adult toy shops and venture into the world of erotic massage. These exercises not only bring you closer sexually but romantically as well. It puts you in tune with each other like nothing else can.
As a very last resort you can just spill the beans and tell her she is bad in bed and you’d like to work on it. If all else fails and nothing you try works, there may be other issues at play. Telling her may be the only option you have. If so, tread carefully. Do not tell her during a fight, and never under any circumstances tell anyone else. Find a nice, upbeat day and break the news to her in a way that she can understand that doesn’t sound like she is failing. Explain that you need more creativity or would like to try something new and think she would be particularly hot at it. This is a difficult task to undertake but it can be done.


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Five Sex Tips For Men

Five-Sex-Tips-For-MenMen know exactly what they want in bed. They dream about it, they read about it, they even watch videos about it, but how much do they know about what women want in bed? It is true that most men can’t even tell you about the anatomy of a woman, little less what pleases her in bed. Women are not as simple as men, it takes more than just physical stimulation to really please them. If you are too smooth she assumes you are too experienced, if you fumble over her then you may make it uncomfortable. There are things that you can do to a woman that will always be a pleaser.

There are general sex tips & rules that you have to follow if you want to please a woman in bed. The first thing you should do is completely forget everything that you have heard from your friends, or other guys in the past. Guys are probably the worst source of information about how to please women. They not only don’t understand women, they don’t understand what they are looking for sexually. A woman likes to be discrete and pretend she is the unassuming girl next door, but don’t underestimate how dirty she can like it. To please any woman in bed there are five sex tips that you should always follow.

Sex Tips 1 Thru 5

1. The first tip is to never assume that you know how to please every woman. Men are pretty much all the same when it comes to pleasing them. The male body is very straightforward, needing the same experiences for it to climax, a woman’s body is very different. Every woman has different sensations and things that a man needs to do to please her. Many men make the mistake of thinking if it worked with their past partner, it will work again. That is simply not the case. No two women will like the same things exactly. They use their head, not just their body, which adds a complicated layer to their pleasure.

2. The second tip is to make sure to discuss the wants of your female partner. Most couples don’t ever discuss what it is that they want in the bedroom. Either out of embarrassment, or out of just feeling uncomfortable, most couples never talk about what feels good, what position they enjoy, or what they may not enjoy at all. If you are having a hard time asking about what the woman you are with wants try asking questions in a way that is less uncomfortable such as giving them two options, an either or. It is at the very least a good place to begin the discussion.

3. The third tip is to take into consideration what is going on emotionally with the woman you are with. If you want to please her in bed you have to understand what is going on in her life outside of bed. Women aren’t like men where they can leave their troubles at the bedroom door. If they have a bad day, are in an argument with their best friend, or just had a hard time at work, they will bring it to bed. Before you engage in having sex with them, ask them about their day. Feign interest, and allow them to vent. Once they get whatever is on their mind, off their mind, you will be on it.



4. The fourth tip is to bring in props. A woman most often will not say that they need something more than just your stimulation. Many woman need more sexual stimulation than you can afford through sexual intercourse. Bringing sex toys to bed with you is a way to drive her wild.

5. The fifth tip is to be vocal. Most men assume that women want you to be seen and not heard, that is simply not the case. Women like to hear a man enjoy sex and the intercourse that they are having. Giving directions is also a great way to up the sexual energy, telling your female partner how to make it better will get her excited and allow her to feel comfortable enough to do the same.

Communication is the best sex tip that anyone can give you. Too often people keep their preferences and pleasures to themselves. When you can communicate your desires to your partner, not only will you be able to satisfy her to the highest degree, you will be satisfied as well.


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