Helpful Tips For a One-night Stand

Never assume you’ve sealed the deal on a one-night stand until you’re actually having sex. Until you’ve crossed the threshold, so to speak, there are no guarantees, which is why you need to plan for success. The vast majority of 1 night stands occur when you’ve set out with the intention of getting laid. You shower, you dress your best, and you head out to your favorite bar, club, or lounge and work your magic on the lucky ladies. That means there’s no excuse for slip ups when you actually land a lovely woman that’s eager to hop into bed with you for a night of fun.

Before you leave the house in search of casual sex you need to ensure that you’re putting forth the best version of yourself. Take the most thorough shower ever and give special attention to the naughty parts. With any luck they’ll make an appearance and you don’t want any funky smells emerging if she comes face to face with your junk. If you anticipate sweating perhaps you should take precautions to limit the smells generated but such activity. Once you’re clean as a whistle it’s time to tend to your grooming needs. Is your pubic hair trimmed (ladies don’t like a crazy bush and it carries more smell)? Is your facial hair the way you like it or gone completely? You have manscaped? Choose your outfit carefully to present the best version of yourself and then head out and make your way to your chosen hunting ground.

Let’s skip ahead to the point where you’ve met a girl, charmed her, and convinced her that you’re the guy for a one-night stand. If you have a roommate(s) you should go to her place if at all possible. Some girls are skittish about taking a guy to their place but chances are good your roommate will be the ultimate buzz kill, even if it just means you need to keep the noise down so you don’t disturb his sleep. Ensure that your place is clean. It doesn’t have to sparkle, but empty food containers, dirty clothes, papers, and more strewn about are a major turn off. It’s simple, really. If you keep a sloppy home she’s going to assume you’ll be a sloppy lover.

It’s smart to suggest a nightcap when you get home. A drink is a great way to loosen up and get you on the road to casual sex. However, if you’ve been fooling around in the cab/subway or taken breaks on the walk back to kiss and grope you can skip the booze and go right for the foreplay. Yeah, I said foreplay. Of course you’re going to be all kinds of hot for her but it pays dividends to invest in foreplay. Plus, it’s fun to kiss and suck her all over, finger her, play with her clit, and extend the make out session. You want her to be desperate for penetration just like you will be.

Under no circumstances should you forgo a condom during a 1 night stand. It doesn’t matter what she says and it doesn’t matter what you want. A one-night stand is great but it’s never worth an STD or a pregnancy, both of which are very real possibilities even if she seems like a nice girl and promises she’s on the pill and STD free. Make sure you’re stocked with condoms before you leave and keep them close to the bed (though out of the way; it’s super crass to have them sitting on the nightstand). Now get out there and have some fun with the one night stand babe of your choice.


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