Should you lie on your sex dating profile

It’s generally believed that just about everyone lies on their dating profile. People believe that because it’s true and in general it’s okay to tell a few fibs in the name of getting into bed with a lovely lady that will give you the time of your life for one night. However, there are a few areas where you should always tell the truth because a discovered lie could end the night before you ever get under the sheets.

Before we get into that let me say that if you’re looking for a long term relationship and not just casual sex you should avoid lying entirely. Eventually those lies will be discovered and the person you’re in the relationship with will cease to trust you, thus destroying that relationship. It’s a different thing when we’re talking about sex dating though.



The idea behind any lie on a sex dating profile should be to make you more attractive without making the lie something that will easily be discovered. For instance, don’t say you have a 10 inch penis if you’re actually sporting 5 inches. If she’s expecting huge and you show her average then she’s guaranteed to be disappointed, which gets the sex date off on the wrong foot and is likely something you’ll never recover from with that girl (as an aside, most women aren’t impressed with big penises because they make little different in the quality of the sex so that’s a particularly stupid lie that most guys engage in).

On a sex dating site there’s very little harm in lying about your income level, for instance. You’re not getting into a long term relationship with the girl so she’ll likely never know that you inflated how much money you make. The only reason not to lie about is if it will be obvious that you did. If your apartment is a dump and you’re going to take her back there then you should probably not claim to make six figures. If you’re going to get a decent hotel room for the night then feel free to make something up since having more money makes you more attractive to the ladies.

Lying about your height, weight, and figure in general is the height of stupidity on a sex dating site. Guys do so because they want to seem more attractive and figure that once they meet the girl in person they’ll win her over with charm and wit and she’ll be happy to go home with them for an evening of pleasure. That might work on a regular dating site but when you’re talking about casual sex looks are the most important thing for men and women (yep, ladies can be just as shallow as guys). Just be honest about your body and take what comes to you as a result. This includes lying through putting up an older picture that makes you look better.

Lying in your sex dating profile about your sexual experience isn’t necessarily a bad idea but it doesn’t really give you a better chance of getting laid. Some ladies will like a guy with lots of experience because they think he’ll be better in bed and some will have nothing to do with you because it means you’re a man whore. Claiming less experience is the same double-edged sword. Your best bet is to be honest about your experience level and change your profile as you sleep with more women through whichever sex dating site you signed up for. Soon enough you’ll be the man with lots of experience, although you should never sound like you’re bragging about that on your profile because most women will be turned off immediately but such an attitude.


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