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Our Review Of Xpress


Millions of members await you at Xpress

A visit to Xpress begins with a welcome message from a lovely young lady. She informs us that Xpress is the world’s largest dating site and if you dig around you’ll find that nearly 50 million members have registered, making the claim seem plausible. Either way that’s a huge number. Sign up is a breeze with a bit of information requested (you don’t have to use your credit card until a little later when you want to upgrade your membership and begin messaging people, answering emails, etc) before you can confirm via email and get started browsing the available ladies in your area. Read the rest of the Xpress review to find out what it’s like inside.


Smart organization makes an adult dating site work

The question is always the same with sex dating sites. Is Xpress dating real? Because it seems like such a wonderful thing it’s hard to believe it could be real. In short, it does work. For a more in depth answer you should read this Xpress review in full. It all starts with the design and presentation of the available dates. Nothing is more important on a site like this and yet so few of them get it right. It takes time and money to do it well, which is why the big sites often have the advantage. On your membership home page you’ll find links so you can change your profile page if you desire, matches based on the info you’ve provided in your profile, a quick search function, a newsfeed with your latest messages, and a list of local matches among other things. It’s aesthetically pleasing and it’s just the start.
Even more important than a welcoming entry page is the actual profile pages where you take in all the info about your potential date and decide if you want to message her. The Xpress dating site presents you with pictures, a quick profile to get the girl’s (or guy’s) birth date, zodiac sign, height, etc, and a great deal of information to help you make the message decision. Do you want to get in contact with her? Read about her desires, what she’s eager to try out, what she’s looking for in a sexual partner, etc. It’s more information than most sex dating sites offer, but it’s only as good as the people filling it out. Some girls will write a little bit in the about me section and leave everything else blank, sadly. On the bright side, when that happens you can almost always skip over messaging that girl because she’s not going to get back to you in all likelihood.

Make contact and see your dreams come true

You’ll need to upgrade your membership if you hope to setup any dates. Free members are allowed to browse the site at their leisure, but it’s more of a preview than anything else. If you wish to message someone or receive messages you’ll need to upgrade at roughly $30/month. Once you do you can take advantage of the many ways to contact someone. If you wish to keep your effort to a minimum you can send a flirt. They’re little images that can be quite graphic (one depicts a facial) or flirty and cute (such as one depicting a hug and another a kiss). The flirt is an easy way to see if she has any interest at all because she’ll likely send one back if she does.
If you want to step up your game you can go for a direct message. This is generally when people learn the answer is Xpress legit is a resounding yes. Via the Xpress email interface you can send a message of any length (you should always keep it short though) and make contact with the girl of your dreams. You can also send an instant message that she’ll receive immediately if she’s online or will see when she comes back online (quick tip: you should try only to message girls that have been online in the last week to maximize your response rate). You can also request to meet a girl in person. A nifty feature of Xpress is a space on each profile page where you can leave a note just for you. No one else sees it so you can write anything you want. It’s useful for keeping track of girls you don’t want to message ever again and can be handy to keep notes on how your successful dates were in bed.

Xpress dating site is more than just a sex dating site

Xpress dating knows that you’re not going to hook up every day of the week. Sometimes you’ll strike out and sometimes you won’t be in the mood despite the great pleasure to be had in a casual hook up. That’s why they provide you with free pornography. Fans of amateur porn will enjoy the selection of member videos uploaded by exhibitionists that wish to share. Those are a treat to behold, although many they’re passing off as amateur are actually professional shoots.
Xpress also provides a free video on demand section where you can stream a seemingly endless number of porn DVDs. Almost every sexual genre is covered, much to the delight of a horny guy looking to get off. If you’re willing to spend you can make use of the many webcam shows. They’re awfully pricey (every webcam show is) but it’s a unique form of entertainment that provides great pleasure if you have the money.

Is Xpress legit? Yes!

If you don’t hook up in 100 days Xpress will refund every penny you’ve spent but chances are good you won’t get close to that number as long as you put in an effort. With 50 million registered members to choose from there are numerous options no matter where you live. The site is well-designed and managed, they make it easy to get in touch with a beauty you crave, and your success is all but guaranteed.