is Xdating legit

Our Review Of Xdating


XDating is a social network of adult dating

XDating is built like a social network and will feel familiar to anyone that has used Facebook or MySpace to keep in contact with friends. They’ve eschewed the more complicated algorithmic matching systems in favor of letting you get to know people through updates, cheeky posts, and a quick perusal of the profile. It’s an elegantly designed site with a straightforward nature that’s easy to appreciate and it attracts a particular type of person that’s looking to have some fun. It’s the easiest site to get into because there is so little to it and that’s not a bad thing.

XDating dating site attracts younger women

The social Sex network structure of XDating seems to have brought in a much younger clientele than the typical adult dating site. It’s one of the highlights of the site. Youth is common on any site in this world but they have more here than most, probably because young people are far more familiar with social networking and it feels comfortable to find their hook ups in the same way. Perusing the listings of potential hook ups reveals a steady stream of girls under 30 and a fair number in the college years. The young ladies tend to be ribald in their profile descriptions as well, often coming right out and saying what they want in a graphic manner. Youth certainly leads to a lack of shyness when it comes to getting what they want sexually.

Simplicity is a positive at XDating

They clearly decided that simple was superior at XDating, as evidenced by the design and relative lack of bells and whistles. That’s not a bad thing though; as stated earlier in the XDating review, this site is all about the social networking aspect and less about algorithms and information dumps from each girl you crave. Each profile page features a space for pictures (most people have uploaded at least one picture), a map with the girl’s location (just the city, not an extreme close up on her street), a bit of personal information and both her updates (kind of like a Twitter feed) and a space where you can leave a private message.
There’s a lack of information that could be a problem. They give you height, race, hair color, eye color, body type, and profession and then whatever the girl writes, which is often roughly a paragraph long. That’s not much to go on so you’re mostly looking at physical attraction here. That’s how it is on most adult dating sites though so XDating is no different, really. It’s worth mentioning that some of the profiles at XDating seem obviously fake. The girls are a little too active in posting info and they’re a little too interested in all things sexual. When a girl sends you a message asking to see your picture that’s a guaranteed fake so you can write those girls off as bots just looking to get you to sign up for a paid membership.
Upgrade your membership at XDating dating site for a reasonable cost
One month of access to XDating costs $29.95 and renews at the cost until canceled. If you purchase three months up front you’ll only pay the equivalent of $19.98 per month. Your membership will be billed discreetly so you’ll see an innocuous name on your credit card. The primary benefit of a paid membership is the ability to contact members directly and setup dates. That’s not the only benefit though. Your profile goes above all free members so you’re more likely to be contacted by ladies. You can watch free porn movies they’ve licensed for streaming in the event that you get bored with your options. You can view all profile photos instead of a limited few. They also mark your page with a graphic that indicates you’ve purchased a premium membership, which is more likely to result in women contacting you after they’ve learned that the free people won’t get back to them.

Is XDating legit?

Ultimately, the only question that matters with an adult dating site is if you’ll end up in bed with a beautiful girl that makes all your sexual dreams come true. Is XDating legit? In this case the answer is yes and chances are good it will work better than you might have imagined. First, the social network feel to it automatically makes people more comfortable and willing to participate. It’s a simple psychological thing but it has a great effect and is well worth tapping in to so you can get laid.
Second, the hip nature of the site has attracted loads of young ladies with a greater sense of openness where sexuality is concerned, which is a bonus for you. They recognize there’s great fun to be had in casual sex and they’re more than willing to seek it out with guys of all types. Some are here for long term relationships and some for casual stuff; the one thing they all want is great sex.
The communication interface, as mentioned earlier in the XDating review is terrific and makes it easy to get the ball rolling on making dates. Plus, there’s less pressure here to be eloquent with your messages since you’re communicating in a social network kind of way. Be flirty and fun and you’ll find the responses come quickly. Flirting alone can be hugely stimulating and turn you on to the point that you masturbate to the plentiful free porn they offer all members of the XDating sex dating site.
XDating is ideal if you want something free of the sometimes confusing bells and whistles of other adult dating sites and would prefer something more like the social networks you’re used to. It’s great if you want young ladies to sleep with and if you want to flirt it up and have some fun. It’s not without its flaws that are mostly due to its simplicity but it’s worth the investment, particularly when you make those connections and have the sex you crave.