is Getiton Dating legit

Our Review Of GETitON


GetItOn gets you laid

GetItOn dating site uses a matching algorithm more aggressively than most in the adult dating genre and they strive to put you together with someone perfect for your sexual needs via that algorithm. Their success is determined largely by your willingness to answer the questions, but thankfully the process is simple and painless. Once you’ve completed it you’ll get more accurate matches. If everyone has faith in the system there’s a much better chance you’ll hear from the girls that you match up with. When you ask does GetItOn work the answer is all about the compatibility algorithm that takes much of the work out of searching for potential sexual mates.

Give them information and they’ll give you matches

There are six components to the compatibility algorithm at GetItOn. The first and quickest is your basic desires where you select what you’re looking for (man, woman, couple, etc) and what you’re interested in (group sex, 1-on-1 sex). You can also enter optional text on the basics page (recommended to provide a fuller profile for potential mates). Next up is your geographical location. You can list where you currently live, if you’re traveling anywhere, and where you grew up. You’ll have to give all your physical information in the next step. If you don’t fill out this section people will think you’re hiding something and will bypass messaging you. Don’t make that mistake.
In the lifestyle information section GetItOn asks you for sexual orientation, smoking and drinking status, religion, languages spoken, etc. Most of that info is less important for a hook up but a few elements are key (smoking and drinking being among them). The sexual preferences section is most important since it’s what you’re there for. There’s a list of sexual topics (giving oral, receiving oral, cybersex, being tied up, threesomes, etc) and for each you indicate your level of interest from six choices. This info is primarily where Get It On does their matching on the level that you really care about. In the final section you list what you’re interested in with regards to body type, hair color, etc.

Hook up for a low price at GetItOn

GetItOn features some of the lowest prices in the adult dating world. The most expensive option is one month for $18.95, roughly $10 less than most sites in the genre. If you sign up for multiple months at a time you save even more. Remarkably, signing up for 18 months at once costs only $5.95 a month. For that reason alone it’s worth considering GetItOn and considering the positive tone of this Get It On review it might be a foregone conclusion that a membership is worth a chance.

Make contact with real people at GetItOn

You’ve surely heard that some sex dating sites are filled with more fake profiles than real and you wouldn’t be wrong. There’s a class of sites of this type that buy their profiles from a central service and they’re almost all fake or incredibly old, which means you’ll pay but no one will ever contact you. Thankfully, GetItOn isn’t one of those sites. Their membership base is genuinely built and they even bombard you with less annoying ads to get you to upgrade your membership than almost any other site (you can sign up for a free membership to browse the site but can’t contact anyone until you’ve paid, like most sites of this type).
The women of Get It On are real and eager to meet up with guys that will show them a splendidly good time in the bedroom. Making contact is simpler here than most sites, too. If you can open with the fact that you’re close to a 100% match with a girl she’s more likely to get back to you because of that. It makes it just a little easier to make the site work for you. Because the profiles generally contain a great deal of information it’s easy to find something personal to contact a girl about. The contact interface is simple and elegant with options for sending a flirt, emailing, messaging, and getting on webcam to chat in a version of face to face.

GetItOn dating site is more than just a dating site

Now you know the answer to: is GetItOn legit, which is a resounding yes. With such a low price you might imagine all you get is the ability to contact other members but this is actually a rather sizable collection of amateur porn videos too. A large percentage of those videos feature guys showing off solo so if you’re into that it’s a gold mine. Most of you probably want to see women and couples though and you’ll be pleased to know there’s a wealth of both.
They currently have more than 11,000 videos of sexy solo girls and another 15,000 of couples getting it on. GetItOn encourages people to upload their content and it turns out that’s all they have to do because most are more than willing to share their naughty behavior with the world. That’s a boon for anyone that likes to watch. The webcam shows at Get It On come in two flavors: amateurs and professionals. They can be expensive but it’s fun to watch if you have the money.

GetItOn gives you exactly what you need

Get It On takes a more scientific approach to pairing you up with the sexual partner of your dreams, as long as you fill out the profile and give them the information they need. Once armed with that info they use their algorithm to match you up and give you an opening for your first message that makes it more likely you’ll hear back from the girl. The site is well designed, there are numerous contact options, and if you get bored of trying to hook up or you strike out for the night you can check out the huge collection of amateur videos with a little of everything from all out sex to oral to solo masturbation with exhibitionists.