How To Hook Up With A Girl With A Boyfriend

At one point or another we’ve all pined after a girl with a boyfriend.  Sometimes it’s because the forbidden fruit seems that much sweeter and sometimes it’s because the girl is genuinely perfect and we want her more than anything. Most of the time we give up on the idea of being with her or just hooking up with her and move on but you don’t have to do that. With persistence and skill you can break up that relationship and have the girl for yourself.

However, before you take that step you need to do a little thinking. First, you need to make sure the boyfriend isn’t a maniac that will put a hurt on you for stealing his girlfriend away (which is what you’re doing). If there’s a chance you’ll catch a major beating it’s probably not worth it. After all, there are literally millions of single women in the world and there’s no chance this girl you’re pining after is so special that she’s worth getting beaten for. It’s also worth considering for one last time whether she’s actually worth it. You’re going to be hurting her boyfriend if you steal her away and any relationship that starts in cheating is likely to end that way too.

If after considering all of that you’ve decided she’s the one for you then it’s time to get started on hooking up with the hottie of your dreams. Your first step is to find a way to be around her or in contact with her as often as possible. That could mean working at her place of employment, being in her group of friends, etc. Physical contact is a must. Messages on social networks are nice but it won’t be nearly enough to convince her that cheating on her man is a wise move. You need to be around her to plant seeds of doubt and to help your own case. Its not easy buy very much possible to hook up with girls who have boy friends.

You should also find a way to contact her via email or text and keep it friendly. You want to build your relationship without ever hinting that you’d like to be more than friends. You’re just the good guy that wants to make her laugh, etc. If you can get to a point where she confides in you emotionally you’re guaranteed a hook up. She needs to feel close to you in a way that she is with few people in the world.

When you reach that point of emotional closeness you need to begin the campaign of doubt. Her boyfriend will make mistakes and if you hear about any of them you need to subtly suggest that he’s not the guy for her. If you’re over the top about it your intentions will be far too obvious, so avoid that. Your best bet is to try and fuel the embers of her discontent. If she feels like her boyfriend doesn’t understand her then you can be the guy that does understand her while suggesting that her current man is never going to understand her. Try your best to subtly plant negatives thoughts in her head about her current boyfriend and make yourself look great in comparison.

At some point you’ll need to make your move. It’s best to do so when she’s emotionally vulnerable and looking for the closeness that a true physical connection provides. You’ll need to time this perfectly and it could very well blow up in your face but that’s the sort of risk you take when working an operation of this nature. Once you’ve made your move you need to pull back. Don’t outwardly be the guy that wants to break up her relationship. Just be the guy that gave in to your intense feelings and doesn’t want to destroy anything. At some point she’ll tell her boyfriend, he’ll break up with her, and you can swoop in and have a new girlfriend.


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