How To Deal With A “Cock Blocking” Friend

Girls go out in groups of two, three, four, or more for a variety of reasons, all of them good. They want protection, they feel more comfortable together, and they simply have more fun together being among those reasons. Some guys look at the girlfriends (or wingwomen) as a major roadblock in their quest to get laid but it that’s attitude specifically that often derails them, not the friend. If you view the girl sitting next to the one you’re interested in as an impediment and you treat her as such then there’s a good chance she’s not going to like you and she’s not going to approve of her friend going home with you. If you treat her like another person to meet and be friendly with then she’s far more likely to give you the thumbs up and send her girlfriend away with you.

Your first task is to wash the phrase cock blocking from your mind. The other girl isn’t cock blocking but instead looking out for her friend and trying to protect her from assault, heartbreak, etc. You should treat both ladies with equal amounts of respect and shower them both with praise because you need to win them both over. Sure, it makes your task that much more difficult but in reality it’s not that tough. Just be charming, nice, and joyful and you’ll go home with a beautiful woman and spend your evening in the throes of erotic passion. What’s better than that?

Human beings respond to positivity in an overwhelmingly positive and happy manner so if you walk up to a pair of lovely women sitting at the bar and begin chatting them both up, complimenting them both, and buying them both drinks you’re way ahead of the game. If you approach them an proceed to completely ignore one because she’s a cock blocker then you’ve probably pissed them both off since no girl wants to see her friend slighted (most women don’t want that, at least).

Let’s get a little more specific. When girls go out together one of their primary concerns is ensuring the safety of the other. Women are rightfully afraid of being the victims of sexual crimes and when you approach them at a bar you’re almost immediately being sized up for your criminal potential. They might not be conscious of that but it’s happening so you need to be cognizant of that when you make your approach. Avoid signs of overt aggression and don’t be a cocky idiot; it’s a tiny percentage of women that responds to that tactic and the chances of two girls going for it and giving you mutual approval is miniscule. If you work to make both girls feel safe and at ease then you have a much better chance of going home with one of them. The last thing you want is the best cock blocking friend pulling your desired lady aside and telling her that you just don’t seem safe. Always remember that you’re working on both girls even if you only want to bring one of them home.

The best thing you can do to defeat a cock blocking friend is to become friends with her. Obviously you don’t get to know someone that well in a bar or night club and you won’t actually be friends with her when the night is over but you can certainly win her over to the point that she’ll approve of you going home with her friend. It’s simple: you get more bees with honey. Remember that little nugget of information and you’ll have much greater luck approaching friends hoping to bring one of them home for a hook up.


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