How To Approach A Woman On The Street

I’m certain you’ve seen a beautiful woman walking down the street and lusted after her like never before. If you live in the right city this probably happens every day (like in the West Village of NYC, for instance). It’s high time you put a stop to all that wishing and hoping and do something about it. It’s time you learn to approach a woman in the street and make something happen.

Before you dedicate yourself to this most lofty of goals you need to accept that you will fail and often with great frequency. You’ll be stopping married women, women with boyfriends, etc. Most of these women will not end up giving you their number or walking away having said yes to a date but you’re also not going to ask most of these women out. You’re going to exercise your social muscles, you’re going to talk to beautiful women, and you’re going to make dates with some of them. In a few cases you might get exceptionally lucky and end up meeting and hooking up with a girl you meet on the street on that very day.

The approach is the easiest part. You’re not going to deliver a cheesy line of any type and you’re not going to stage some stupid accident. You’re simply going to approach the woman and say “excuse me”. You’re going to deliver those two words in a strong voice and do it confidently, although you’ll need to ensure you don’t come across as angry or bossy. Oddly enough, two simple words can be interpreted in a vast number of ways. She could think of you as a whiny wimp, a bossy jerk, or a confident man with something to say. You want it to be the third.

Every person you say “excuse me” to is going to give you their attention. Unless they think you’re talking to someone else or they’re lost in an iPod they’ll look at you and listen to what you have to say at the very least. They might assume that you’re a crazy person about to ask for money or say something offensive but they’ll give you a second of your time. It’s once you’ve got their attention that you have to deliver so you always need to be ready with that second line.

There’s no hard and fast rule as to what you should say once you have her attention. That’s what practice is for. If you want to be really forward you could try complimenting something about her, although if she’s beautiful and you tell her so she’s not going to be impressed because she’s heard it thousands of times. I like to start with something simple like asking her for the time or asking for directions somewhere. People enjoy helping others and when she gives you that little bit of assistance it will create a sense of warmth in her towards you. Seriously, it works. Once you’ve done that she’ll be even more receptive to a follow up and at that point you can make a move of some sort, although you should keep it subtle and simple.

There’s honestly no harm in simply asking her out. If she’s available and she’s even remotely attracted to you chances are good she’ll say yes if for no other reason than she’s so surprised you actually asked her. That’s a great way to make a connection and make a date. You don’t need to rely on blind dates or the internet when you have the confidence to ask someone out you saw on the street. It’s that confidence that will get you the date, too. Plus, if you make it to a relationship you’ll have a cute story about how you lied about needing directions or the time just so you could talk to her when you .


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