Becoming a Master at the art of conversation

There’s a lot of work that goes into sleeping with a girl for the first time no matter how you’re doing it. Whether you meet her through an adult dating site, at a party, at a bar, etc, you’ll have to prove your worth before she’ll lie horizontal with you sans clothing. One of the skills you’ll have to display is the ability to have a conversation. It seems like a simple thing but every guy has blown it with at least a few women because he couldn’t keep the conversation flowing. It can send a slew of bad signals to the girl. You don’t like her enough to be interested in talking, you’re an idiot, you aren’t listening, etc. Any of the above and more can convince her to keep her legs closed and send you on your way even if you thought it was a sure thing.

When dealing with members of either sex a basic rule of conversation is that people love to talk about themselves. That’s why you can never go wrong steering the conversation to the girl and what interests her. This is where guys tend to get tripped up though. The ones that screw it up think that talking about her means that you ask a series of rapid fire questions in the hope of soaking up as much information as possible. What you’re really doing is both boring the girl and making her feel like you’re an interviewer questioning her for a job of a weird stalker that is far too interested in the minutiae of her life.


Instead you should direct the conversation to something she’s interested in. It’s best if the topic is more meaningful than the weather but you shouldn’t go too deep, at least not the first time you meet her. This is where listening comes in. You need to finely hone your listening skills so you can pick up on her interests and discuss them with her. She’ll give you more than enough information to bounce some of it back on her even if you don’t know the first thing about her favorite things in the world.

The best reason to be a good listener is that it impresses the person you’re talking to. It makes them feel liked, which often turns into them liking you. The mind can be a magical thing if you know how to work it just a little bit. Listening means you’re invested and being invested means that you like her and perhaps even more importantly, you care enough to devote yourself to listening.This is very important when sex dating.

When in conversation with a lovely lady you’d like to bring home make sure you offer eye contact frequently. Holding it for too long can be creepy but always check back in to make sure she’s interested and to show her that you’re interested too. Just like you she wants to know that you’re keen on her, that you’re eager to know more, and that you’d like to sleep with her, believe it or not.

If you’re in the mood for casual sex then it’s important you not let the conversation go on for too long. If you get too familiar then you become a friend or possible boyfriend and you quickly move out of the casual sex zone. Plus, if she’s interested in you persist in talking for hours without asking for her number she’s going to be absolutely certain that you’re not interested and she won’t believe it if and when you do ask for her number.


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